Woodridge Farm
17785 east 480 Rd, Claremore, OK 74019
Vanessa Carlson
Phone:  (918) 341-7262
Fax: (918) 342-3043
Email: woodridgef@aol.com

Woodridge Farm

Woodridge (20591 bytes)
Frohwind, Der Radetzky, and Baron

Fun in the Snow!

Kevin & Brady


Two Frohwind daughters -
PeekaBoo and Tequila

 Q - Guess who's first to foal?
A - Wiebekin to Deklan

Out to play at last!

Oops! I didn't know it was that deep!

I think I can...


Mike and Janice Proulx's "PB" by Wrorschach o/o Feleina by Frohwind
Having fun in the snow last week.

Grandchildren Jake and Kyra driving Mr. Teddy

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