Woodridge Farm
Vanessa Carlson
17785 east 480 Rd, Claremore, OK 74019
Vanessa Carlson
Phone:  (918) 341-7262
Fax: (918) 342-3043
Email: woodridgef@aol.com

Woodridge Farm

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Frohwind, Der Radetzky, and Baron

Just For Fun


 Lazy Bones  


"Oh...So that's what I look like!!!"


Arrian the Jolly Ball King!!!  


Hello Handsome!!!
Deacon was definitely a hair model in his other life!!

Deklan with Luisa, Kelly, & Tamara on a lovely fall day.



    Wallingford by Wolkenglanz   ***   Lexington by Liberty Gold   ***   TeAte by Wradar   ***   Class Act by Coconut Grove   ***   Frohbischer by Frohwind   

Some kids from the class of 2007

Mr. Teddy our resident Shetland pony

Nosey boys!

Nosey girls!

Caution!  Do NOT leave your Ipod anywhere near Wradar's stall. 

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